Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Thinking about stamps, when I should be working

Hay guy's I hope you are doing
good, I have had a busy day,
Work, Doctors I don't think
they will ever get tried of
poking me with those needles,

well tonight I wanted to show you
something I think that is a bit odd
look close at the photo it is not
A FDC, all tho it does look like
one when you first look at it.

What it is a Mint Stamp Display Card,
I got this one and other a little while
back, I had never seen any thing like
this till I found these one day,
there was 56 of them all together
that I found that day that I was looking
to spend some of my collect.

Now for last week's winners
Andres, Helen, Jose,
guy's you covers will be in
the mail soon.

They won in the
Weekly Contest 08-04 to 08-11
if you have not entered yet
get you answer in midnight
Friday Aug 11th.

In a post I did the other day
Making My Stamp Friends
I talked about maybe giving you
copy of Linns news to you local
post master so he can better
understand our hoppie better.

Well one of my Blog readers
has give a hole new meaning
to sharing with other, for just
the price of postage he will
send you a copy of Linns.

Now he is not offtering it through
the Blog he if offering it in one
of the yahoo groups that we are
a member of together.

I have just got my very first copy
of linns news, give me a couple
of day's and I will let you know
what I think about it.

well that it for tonight guy's
early day tomorrow.

Happy Stamping.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Own Birthday Fun FDC!

Something all my own, how is that?
well these Birthday Covers
I did my self, I tried many types
of paper weight, and many types
of Ink, some of the photos
do not do the covers justice.

And this is why I was upset when
I could not get a sheet of the
stamps from my post office.

The post below has more photos
of the covers, if you don't see
another post below this one
have a look at.
Brithday Fun Covers!

Please I want your input on witch
ones you think look the best,
They are card size covers,
so they are a good size cover.

Happy Stamping.

Brithday Fun Covers!

Let me Know what you think
about these Covers.

Happy Stamping.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Perhaps at no other time is the
American flag recognized as an
inspiring symbol of freedom
than in war.

Since the Revolution, Old Glory has
proudly flown in battle, instilling
courage and pride in the hearts
of American troops who have
risked their lives for their country.

One of the most horrific battles ever
faced by U.S. armed forces happened
during World War II when Allied
forces invaded Normandy.

On June 6,1944-D-Day-some 5,000
ships carrying over 150,000 Allied
troops steamed across the
blustery English Channel toward the
forbidding beaches of Normandy.

Invasion forces included the
British-Canadian sector on Gold,
Juno and Sword beaches,
and the American sector on Utah
and Omaha beaches.

By dawn, U.S. infantrymen were wading
through chest-high water and clouds
of artillery smoke.

On Utah Beach, American troops
were accompanied by 33-ton Sherman
tanks that were floated ashore in
inflatable canvas covers.

To the relief of the Allies, there was
very little German opposition.

But on Omaha Beach, the U.S. V Corps
came up against the battle-hardened
German 352nd Infantry Division.

Most of the American tanks and artillery
never made it to the beach, sinking
in the choppy water.

Using only light weapons, infantrymen
were required to carry out a frontal
assault on heavily fortified
German positions.

By the end of the day,
despite the high number of casualties,
the Americans held a precarious
beachhead six miles long and less
than two miles deep a hold
they would not relinquish.

To honor the brave men who gave
their lives on that fateful day,
Old Glory proudly waves across
America every year on
June 6 in their memory.

Happy Stamping.

Now something For a Buck!

Ok now for some stamps,
I got this S/S for One Dollar
yes folks just one buck
for those that don't know it
a buck is slang for $1.00

The sheet has eight stamps,
now I can't tell you where they
are from or I can't even tell
you the value of them.

But what I can tell you is that
they are of Locomotives,

"if you will click on the photo
it is a nice big size so you can
see the details of the sheet
maybe you will have a look
at the bigger size and tell me
where they are from and what
the value of them are.

Ok now this is where the


in me takes over, did I get
me moneys worth?

Before any one gives me you
thoughts witch I do want to
Hear, I have to say yes I
did get my moneys worth.

Why because I love stamps
that show World Transportation,
and there are eight stamps
the stamps show 10K
on each of them so If I think
about it this way 8 X 10¢
that would be 80¢
stamp value.

And to it is a S/S witch I just love
them Mint or used as long as
the sheet is intact, I got a nice used
one on a cover this past week I
will show it to you later this week
in one of my other post.

Ok guy's it now you turn to tell me
what do you think did I pay to much?

What is the catalogue value of them?
I do want to hear what your thoughts
are, and I will share with readers
if I found out where they come from.

But no matter what I do find out
I feel like that I did get my
Moneys worth.

Happy Stamping.

New USA Philatelic Catalog

Good morning all this one here
is a free be if you have not got
a copy yet do so now.

I like the cover is makes you think
of a comic book hum wound why
maybe some thing to do with the
comic book superhero stamps!

I just wonder where is the comic
book is that they told us about
in Postal Bulletin Issue 22184,
Item 459872,
[Price not yet available].

well here again I wonder why
there web site is
so poorly done.

because in the new USA philatelic
catalog there are all kinds of stuff
that are not on the web site.

plus all the stuff they did not tell us
about in the Postal Bulletin before a
stamp is issued they tell about it in the
Bulletin and tell what philatelic products
available for that stamp issue:

And I have learned not to take that to
heart, because let the new catalog
come and you are sure to find
something that has not been told
that would be available.

Why oh why can't the catalog and the
web site work together I just don't
understand that at all.

ok enough I will get off my soap box
now and get to work on a stamp post
later today, do you have your copy
yet? if so let me hear what you think
about the stuff that is in the catalog
that you can't find on line.

Happy Stamping.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

$2.00 Buck for Stamp Collect

I know it's a bit late at my post this
I had hoped to have it done sooner
I have been busy with answering
your email keep them coming.

I have all so pack and have ready
to send out in Mondays mail
18 envelopes so if you are looking
for some thins from me it's coming.

ok now to the Best two bucks I
have spend on my collect
so far.

for only $2.00 I got this
Surface Magnifier.

for any one here in the states
I found this at Roses
department store.

tomorrow I will show you what I can
do with a buck and yes there is where
the stamps come in and no I not talking
about going to the stamp shop and
looking though the $1.00 bin that I heard
about remember there are not stamps
shops close to where I live.

I still want to see what you have find
for your collect that was
$2.00 and under
send me photos of it

I have a nice set of stamps that I will
show you tomorrow it's late for me
and yes I do need to get my beauty
sleep with out it,
"I am jsut the carzy stamp
collector running around."

Happy Stamping.

don't forget about the
Weekly Contest 08-04 to 08-11

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making My Stamp Friends

I was reading on Don's Blog how
he thought it would be a good
ideal to give your old copy of Linns
to your local postal window clerk.
I think this would be ok if one gets
a lot of books and papers to read
about ones stamps but for me as
a collector I find this would be
hard to do for me as I would
want to keep them in my library.
How about you, do you give up
your copy of Linns or Scott
Stamp monthly?
Folks I have miss being abale to
post but our network has been
down from doing up grades,
and I finly had to give up
windows 98SE and now having
to run Windows XP PRO.
I guess it was a good thing that
I was a Beta Tester for Microsoft.
Speaking of A Good Things.
The Martha Stewart Show is looking
for Collectors (people who collect all
kinds of different items). Do you have a
hobbie for collecting things
if so let Martha know.
Email a description of your
collection as well as pictures
Collections may include:
appliances, cards, collectibles,
housewares, music, magnets,
antiques, glassware, stamps,
coins and anything else.
As Marth would say it's
A Good Thing.
I am a collector of a lots of things
or a Pack Rat some might say,
I collect ever thing,
as well my stamps and the above
cover is a new one added
to my collect.
What is it that you collect that
Friends & family
call you the pack rat?
Share you collecting with me
tell me what it is that makes
you a pack rat collector.
the best one or the most wild
collect will win FDC.
If you have been reading my post
You will remember a few weeks
back I told you about me selling
one of my collect.

I sold a 15 years collect of
Coca-Cola stuff that I had
a massed over the years and
said I would tell you why
I did it, well the reason I did
is because it's a "BOY"

I have raised two girls that are
19 & 20 and now I get the
chance at a boy my heart's
desire after raising two girls
I would not have minded if it
would have been a girl just
as long as it was healthy.

Any body that has girls will
understand the joy of
having a boy.

and yes I have all ready started
a stamp collect for him.
he will be born somethime
in December so we are looking
for names did you know of any
good boy names Please
share them with me.
ok now more about stamps
in my next post.
The subject will be
$2.00 Bucks

I will share things that I have bought
for $2 Dollars and under for my
stamp collect that I feel like that
it was a $1 Dollar well spent.

Let me hear what you have got for
$2 Bucks and under for your
stamp collect that make you
happy to find and add to your
collect and send a photo if
you have one.
Ok enough for tonight but don't
forget about The
Weekly Contest 08-04 to 08-11

Be sure to get your answer
in on time and have a look
at the answer
for the last contest.
Weekly Contest Answer 07-23 to 07-29

Happy Stamping.

Monday, July 24, 2006

limited edition stamp costing $260.00

Hello all I hope that you have had
a stamping good day I know that
I have the postman brought me
lot's of goodies today enough
to keep be busy for a couple
of day, will show you later
on what I got today.

Well Have you heard yet that
USPS is launching its fifth postcard
duo to promote postal
products and services.
Thanks once again to characters from
the Dilbert comic strip,
USPS business customers will learn
that their Post Office is as close
as their computer when they use

Meanwhile, characters from the Cathy
comic strip will inform residential
customers that they can shop for
their Post Office services and supplies
on their home computers at the
same web address.
Business and home deliveries of the
postcards are scheduled July 24-28.

I have got some of Cathy if any one would
like to trade for some of Dilbert.

How about this one a new stamp issued
that will set you back just $260.00
to read more about this stamp and
see a photo visit
All folks I want to thank every one for
the email I have got lots to answer
all guy's don't for get about the
Weekly Contest

As for the above cover I have to thank
Michael for this one I mailed him the
catch and then he took them on his
trip and then he afix the stamps
and posted them to me from
London, one can say that they
have be half way around the world.

as all ways I welcome your email
and your feed back on what you
think about the blog.

Happy Stamping.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New stamps to go large & Weekly Contest

New stamps to go large,
I have not seen to many really big stamps
ORDINARY first and second class
stamps are to get bigger for
the first time in 166 years
to go with the Royal Mail’s
new “large letter” post charge.

From August 21, costs will depend
on letter size, rather than just weight.

The new stamps are 1½ times wider
and marked “large” and will go on A4,
magazine-size envelopes.

Non-specialist stamps have been
the same size since the Penny Black
was introduced in 1840.

I can't wait to see some of them.

All so guy's I want you to know about
the updated link section I have added
some new links to some new Blogs,
My Philately! is one that I have
been enjoying for a few weeks
Eric is doing a great job
with his stamp blog.

All so I have added links to some
Country Postal Authorities sites.
Please have a look and if you seen
any Postal Authorities that I might
have left out please let me know.

All so folks you will see at the top of
the link section a link for the
Weekly Contest
Be sure that you have a look and get
your answer in by Midnight Saturday
the 29 for your chance at a FDC.

I will all so remind you about the weekly
contest in other post so all will know
about it and have there chance to win.

As for the stamps tonight I showing well
what better set to show then a set of
The Tour de France stamps
oh sad to said to say they
are not in my collect.

Way to go Floyd Landis
who brought home the win
for us here in the USA.

I have a FDC for the first person
that can tell me how many time
that the US has brought home
the win in a row?

I sure would like to get some covers
or stamps from any country that has
issued any 2006 Tour de France
stamps, I will return them with a cover
and some stamps if any one would
like to help me out please just
email me

Well that it for today guy's I hope
that you like the updated link section
all be sure to have a look at the
Weekly Contest.

Happy Stamping.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Amber Alert Stamp

America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response

The Origin of the Amber Plan
The AMBER Plan was created in 1996 as a
powerful legacy to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman,
a bright little girl who was kidnapped and brutally
murdered while riding her bicycle in Arlington, Texas.

to read more and find out out you to can get
code ticker visit

I wanted to show this cover because I believe in it
and I use the code ticker on all of my family web sites.
and I happen to think this is one of the best stamps
That the US will issue this year.

Guy's I all so want to take this time to tell you about
a new weekly Trivia contest that will start on Sunday's
and will run till the next Saturday and there will not
be just one winner but there will be 10 winner a week
so be sure to check back tomorrow for the new
contest and be sure to try for a FDC I will put
all the right entries in to a hat and draw out
the 10 lucky winner and will post the winners
and the answers on Monday after the contest
has ended this will give more people a chance
to win.

Happy Stamping

Friday, July 21, 2006

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Post Office

Quotable Quotes . . . “Lord, thank you
for the workers of the Postal Service and
forgive us for excusing ourselves at
their expense when we said it was
‘in the mail’
and we knew it was not.”
Brother Carlton Puryear,
during the Hodgenville, KY,
Post Office renaming ceremony
Abraham Lincoln as Postmaster,
U.S. Rep. Ron Lewis (R-KY),
Kentuckiana District Manager Ann Wright
and Hodgenville, KY, Postmaster
Robert Hummer recently re-dedicated
the Hodgenville, KY, Post Office as
the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
Post Office Building.

A special pictorial cancellation and
commemorative envelope are
available for $5 each by sending
check or money order to:

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Station,
“Postmaster” Hodgenville,
102 S. Walters
Hodgenville, KY 42748-9998

Read more here.

Happy Stamping.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Super Heroes Stamp

Comic book covers and
their heroes honored

Ten comic book heroes will be honored
on the "DC Comics Super Heroes" stamp
sheet to be dedicated Thursday
July 20th in San Diego.

Half of the pane of 20 features portraits of
the characters, and the other half shows
individual comic book covers highlighting
the heroes' exploits.

The 10 super characters from DC Comics
depicted are Aquaman, Batman, The Flash,
Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman,
Plastic Man, Supergirl, Superman
and Wonder Woman.

Thursday's dedication ceremony will not
only be for the 39-cent commemoratives
but also for the set of 24-cent stamped
postal cards.

Thursday's ceremonies will take place
during Comic-Con International 2006
the world's largest comic book and
pop culture show.

DC Comics President and Publisher
Paul Levitz and some of the top comic
book artists are scheduled to take part.

They also will participate in a panel discussion
on the historical and cultural legacy
of DC Comics superheroes.

The stamps and stamped postal cards will
be available nationwide the next day, Friday.

Art director Carl T. Herrman of Carlsbad, Calif.,
worked with the creative staff at DC
Comics on the designs.

The new stamp sheet will mark Superman's
second appearance on U.S. postage.

The Man of Steel first was featured in 1998
as one in a series of events
marking the 1930s.

Superman also appeared on a Canadian
commemorative in 1995, one of a set featuring
Canadian comic book heroes.
(Joe Shuster, who along with Jerry Siegel
created the Superman character,
was born in Toronto.)

Do you have any comic book stamps that
you would like to trade if so I would love
to hear from you.

Who is you favorite Hero?

If I had to pick only one
it would be Wonder Woman
She can kick but and
look good doing it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Let me ask you this do you think it is right
that they post office sells every stamp
they get in of a issue to one person?

And if that ant bad enough it was
Not just at one post office this person,
We will call them Wilson
went to every post office in our county
and the next county and bought every
sheet they had of the Birthday Stamps
that was Issued on June 23.

So in order for Wilson to do that
they had to visit every post office
in just two day's

So by the 26th there was no
Birthday stamps to be found.

Every post office I and others went to
or called they all told me the same
thing that Wilson had Came in and
bought every one they had.

So me and a couple of other collectors
was not able to get the stamps till July
13th and then we had to make a trip to
Tennessee to get the only five sheets
that the Robbins Post Office had left.

I guess you are wondering why this has
upset me so well for any one that does
there own First Day Cover knows that
you only have 30 day to mail your
stamped covers to the postmaster in
the city where the stamps was released.

they do look at the post marks to see when
it was put in to the mail system if the post
mark is 31 or 32 after the stamp was issued
there is these big chance that you will get
the covers back not severest.

I feel like that any body that is going to buy
that many stamps of a single issued
the postmaster should order them for the
person is stead of giving all of the first
shipment he gets of a stamp to them
I kind of think he is not think about the
collects in his community when he did
that know go and well that they collectors
would be in asking for them.

I would like to know what you think about
this should the postmaster think about
the collectors or should it be first come
first severed even if you are buying every
sheet he has got on hand and it will leave
not for collectors or any one else that wants
the stamps to use on there mailings.


to sum it up I feel like the postmaster
should have ordered the stamps for Wilson
and let collectors and other have a chance
to get a sheet for there self.

Happy Stamping.

Not to happy when you have to
deal with things like this.

It sure would be nice if we had a
Big city post office here in the

you know one of those that have
a Philatelic window where one
can buy all kinds of stuff.

Part Two of the Gallery Stamps

Hello Guy's well here is part two of my post for
the National Portrait Gallery stamps
I asked for The title of one book (where possible)
or famous work if not a book,
by each of the ten people in
the National Portrait Gallery stamps
First Guy's I have to thank Michael for this one
you can find his Blog Here.
cddstamps weblog

I know you all are wanting to know the winner
and that would be Ez great job there Ez you just
Eased right in to another FDC for your self.

People folks really do win just ask Ez he has
won more times then one, he has even answered
enough trivia that he has got a full set of the 2006
Lunar New year stamped FDC cover

Sir Winston Churchill
Statesman, Politician,
Author, Artist.

The Story of the Malakand Field Force (1898)
The River War (1899) London to Ladysmith (1900)
Liberalism and the Social Problem (1909)
Churchill edited the Government's newspaper,
the British Gazette it's not a book but you have to read it.
History of the English Speaking Peoples (????)
The Second World War (????)

Sir Joshua Reynolds
Portrait Painter.

Lady Elizabeth Delme
and her Children 1780

Lady Caroline Howard
Date ????

TS Elliot
Poet and Playwright.

Lancelot Andrewes (????)
The Waste Land (????)
Four Quartets (????)
Sweeney Agonistes (1925)
Murder in the Cathedral (1935)
The Family Reunion (1939)
The Cocktail Party (1950)
The Confidential Clerk (1953)
The Elder Statesman (1958)
Murder in the Cathedral
Is about the death of
Thomas Becket.

Emmeline Pankhurst

The title of suffragette
was given to members of
the women's suffrage movement
in the United Kingdom.
The word was originally coined
to describe a more radical faction
of the suffrage movement in the U.K.
Married Women's Property
Acts of 1870 and 1882. In 1889
Writings (selection)
The Powers and Duties of Poor Law Guardians
in Times of Exceptional Distress, 1895.
The Present Position of the Women’s
Suffrage Movement in:
The Case for Women’s Suffrage,
hg.v. B. Villiers, 1907.
The Importance of the Vote, 1908.
Suffrages Speeches from the Dock, 1912.
My own Story (1914), Reissued by
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1985.

Secondary literature
Linda Hoy, Profiles: Emmeline Pankhurst, 1985.
Martin Pugh, The Pankhursts, Penguin 2002.
Sylvia Pankhurst, The Suffragette Movement:
An Intimate Account of Persons and Ideals,
Reissued in 1984 by Chatto & Windus

Virginia Woolf

Sowing (1960), Growing (1961)
Beginning Again (1964)
Downhill All the Way (1967)
The Journey Not the Arrival Matters (1969)
THE WAVES (1931)
ORLANDO (1928)

Sir Walter Scott
Novelist and Poet.

Tales of the Crusaders, consisting of
The Betrothed and The Talisman (1825)
Woodstock (1826)
Chronicles of the Canongate, 1st series,
The Highland Widow, The Two Drovers and
The Surgeon's Daughter (1827)
The Life of Napoleon Buonaparte (1827)
Chronicles of the Canongate, 2nd series,
The Fair Maid of Perth (1828)
Religious Discourses (1828)
Tales of a Grandfather, 1st series (1828)
Anne of Geierstein (1829)
History of Scotland, 2 vols. (1829-1830)
Tales of a Grandfather, 2nd series (1829)
The Doom of Devorgoil (1830)
Essays on Ballad Poetry (1830)
Tales of a Grandfather, 3rd series (1830)
Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft (1831)
Tales of my Landlord, 4th series,
Count Robert of Paris and Castle Dangerous (1832)
Young Lochinvar (????)
The Bishop of Tyre (????)

Mary Seacole
The pioneer of battlefield nursing.
(1805–14 May 1881)

Was a British nurse who distinguished herself for
her dedication and courage caring for
troops during the Crimean War.
Her autobiography,
The Wonderful Adventures of
Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands,
was published in 1857 and provides a vivid
account of her life and experiences.
Seacole has been described as the
"Black Florence Nightingale",
whose exploits in organising the hospital at
Scutari have overshadowed those of
Seacole in popular memory.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's sonnets are a collection
of 154 poems that deal with such themes as
love, beauty, politics, and mortality.
All but two first appeared in the 1609
Publication entitled Shakespeare's Sonnets;
numbers 138
("When my love swears that she is made of truth")
and 144
("Two loves have I, of comfort and despair")
had previously been published in a 1599
miscellany entitled The Passionate Pilgrim.

Dame Cicely Saunders
(June 22, 1918 – July 14, 2005)

was a prominent British nurse, physician
and writer, involved with many
international universities.
She was most famous for her role in
the birth of the hospice movement, emphasizing
the importance of palliative care in modern medicine.

Charles Darwin
The father of modern evolution theory.
(12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882)

Was a British naturalist who achieved
lasting fame by convincing
the scientific community
of the occurrence of evolution and proposing
the theory that this could be explained through
natural and sexual selection.
This theory is now considered the central
explanatory paradigm in biology.
He developed an interest in natural history
while studying first medicine, then theology,
at university. Darwin's five-year voyage
on the Beagle and subsequent writings
brought him eminence as a geologist
and fame as a popular author. H
is biological observations led him to study
the transmutation of species and,
in 1838, develop his theory of natural selection.
Fully aware that others had been severely punished
for such "heretical" ideas, he only confided
in his closest friends and continued
his research to meet anticipated objections.
However, in 1858 the information that
Alfred Russel Wallace had developed
a similar theory forced early joint
publication of the theory.
His 1859 book On the Origin of Species
by Means of Natural Selection, or
The Preservation of Favoured Races in
the Struggle for Life
(usually abbreviated to The Origin of Species)
established evolution by common descent
as the dominant scientific explanation
of diversification in nature.
He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society,
continued his research, and wrote
a series of books on plants and animals,
including humankind, notably
The Descent of Man, and
Selection in Relation to Sex
and The Expression of the Emotions in Man
and Animals.
In recognition of Darwin's pre-eminence,
he was buried in Westminster Abbey,
close to William Herschel and Isaac Newton.

Happy Stamping.

Update of Maori Performing Arts non-issue

About the status of the stock All stock
that had been dispatched to PostShops
was recalled and has been returned.

Stock anticipated to be in circulation
over time In addition to samples that are
always kept on file for archival purposes,
and on the basis that our destruction
processes which are still
underway are completed as expected,
our reconciliation of all stock has shown
that eight orders to customers who had placed
casual orders for a variety of products,
including the Maori Performing Arts Stamps,
were fulfilled in error.

Forward requests for these eight orders
were processed and the mistake that occurred,
which enabled these orders to be supplied,
was due to human error.

Our processes have now been reviewed
and steps have been put in place
so that this error cannot occur again.

Along with the eight customer orders,
product was given to one of the Advisers
used in the creation of the product.

Additionally, we supplied 48 blank New Zealand
Post first day cover envelopes to some customers.

This is a normal practice in respect of these
customers who choose to take the blank
envelopes to their local PostShop on the
day of issue, purchase stamps of their choice
and have the issue cancelled at their local PostShop.
As is normal, these were sent well in advance
of the scheduled release for the series.

Therefore the product known to be
in circulation is as follows:
I wish I was one of the lucky ones
to have got something.

2006 Maori Performing Arts
gummed products
4 x $2 single stamp mint
9 x first day covers
6 x sets plate imprint blocks
3 x complete single stamp sets mint
1 x complete single stamp set used

2006 Maori Performing Arts
self adhesive products
1 x .45c dispenser box mint
2 x .45c single stamp mint
1 x .45c single stamp used
11 x stamp booklets
3 x presentation packs mint
48 x blank first day cover envelopes
carrying Maori Performing Arts
illustrative imagery

The Post have telephoned or written to
the recipients of the non-issued stamp
products and have asked them to return
the items that were sent.

what I would like to know is will these stamp
be worth any thing being that they are not
going to be released and if you was one
on the lucky one to happen to get the stamp
would you send them back if they ask you
to, me I would have to say that I would
not send them back I order them and paid
for them it would not be my fault that they
are not going to issue that stamps now.

Here you can read where I first reported
that the stamps was not to be issued.

Happy Stamping.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Australian Rock Posters Stamaps

This stamp issue looks at Australian

graphic design and its connection

with Australianpopular music.

The issue uses rock music posters from
the 1960s through to 2003

Rock posters as an art form really
evolved during the 1960s.

Don't know about you but
I am a child of the 60s
care for now I just might
let is slip that I just a old Fart
That love's his stamps.

The earliest poster featured
on these stamps,
Masters Apprentices from 1969,
is in the "psychedelic"

style popular at the time.

Iconic posters featuring in the issue
include Sunbury RockFestival (1972);
Rolling Stones Australian Tour (1973);
Midnight Oil and the Angels

/Sports/Paul Kelly (1979);
Goanna's Spirit of Place (1983);
Mental as Anything (1990);

Apollo Bay Music Festival (1999)
and Magic Dirt (2002)

May be when these stamps are issued
on the 12th of September 2006 one of
my good friends from down under will send
me the S/S HIT HIT :-) of crose I would
return New stamps from the US may be
one of the three S/S that has been issued
by the US Post Office this year.

Till Next Time
Happy Stamping.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

'Baseball Sluggers' Hit Grand Slam at Yankee Stadium

BRONX, N.Y., Four big bats: Mickey Mantle,

Roy Campanella, Hank Greenberg and Mel Ott

were immortalized on postage at Yankee Stadium's

home plate yesterday as the Postmaster General,

joined by the Hall of Famers' family members,

dedicated the "Baseball Slugge

commemorative stamps and stamped postal cards.

The ceremony took place before a sellout crowd

of more than 54 thousand prior

to the opening pitch of

the New York Yankees -

Chicago White Sox game.

Read the hold story Here.


When FDR's Postmaster General

James A. Farley

proposed a stamp honoring baseball,

to coincide with the opening of

the Hall of Fame in 1939,

a nationwide poll of collectors voted
overwhelmingly against it.

They were over-ruled by stamp-collecting
President Roosevelt who

said through the nation's sports pages that
he wished \
"every boy in America could get afirst-day cover

[stamped envelope mailed the day of issue]."

The post office at Cooperstown was swamped

with what were called "small boy orders,"

those arriving without the required

self-addressed envelope

plus three cents for the stamp.

Local postmaster Melvin Bundy honored

thousands of those requests out of his own pocket,

and US baseball stamp collecting was born.

To learn more about

Baseball Stamp Clooecting

I have got a FDC for the frist person that

can gets this right.

Which of These Major League Baseball Players

Hit More Than 240 Home Runs.

A. Roy Campanella

B. Hank Greenberg

C. Mel Ott

D. Mickey Mantle

email you answer


all so there still are covers to be won

on a lots of my

Post so read away and be sure

to try out for a cover.

Happy Stamping.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Soccer or Football Stamps

Are they Soccer or Football Stamps
well to me they are FOOTBALL stamp
yes ok I know that I live in the US and to
people that are in the US it is called
Soccer why do I call it Football well
growing up I watched a lot of sports
from the UK while my friends was
watching US sports and let me say
that I am so glad that I was the odd
sports watcher because I like the
sports that are on TV when there is
no NFL games on.

I was doing one of my many Google search
the other day looking for what else but some
stamps news when I came across the Canada
stamps no not Canada Postage stamps
I talking about the Calgary Stampeders
A Canadian football team that play using
a pig skin ball just the name alone makes
me what to follow this team it must be football
season in Canada we sill have a little while to
go be for our football season starts here in
the US let me ask you if you have got any
world cup stamps yet I have one that was
used on a cover that was mailed to me
from down under Australia.

Please if you have a photos of any world cup
stamps please send me a photo or if you
just happen to have a extra world cup stamp
and would like to give them to a friend or may
trade them I would love to have them
email me if you do

I have not seen to many
but I cam across this set and I just love them
and the shape has a lot to do with it.

well here is a short update on my back I went
to the Doctor to day some good news then of
crose them bad news the good news is that I
can get out the bed for around four and a half
hours a day and the bad news was that I had
to go on some stronger Meds and I have to
go in to the office three times a week Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday to get to shoots
on those day I go to the doc's office.
Ok enough of that back to stamps

Now you should not mix up the football team
Stampeders with the Canada's classic rock band
The Stampeders best known for their 70's hit
"Sweet City Woman" www.stampeders.net

ok I have told you about a stamp football team
and a stamp music group so I guess now I will
tell you about a book that I found that was issued

'Football through philately' book released
Kochi, June. 11: 'Football Through Philately',
a book with a unique collection of stamps depicting
the story of football in all its charm and glory,
especially the World Cup, was released here today.

Kerala Minister for Fisheries S Sarma,
released the book at a function got up at
the Ernakulam Press Club here.

An avid stamp collector for the past three decades,
Jose J Vattoth, an English teacher of
St Antony's High School, Vandanmedu in Kerala's
Idukki district is the author of the 128 page
English book, which is priced at Rs 100.

"The main purpose of this book is to show how
philately genuinely loves to promote the
beautiful game of football through stamps
and other philatelic materials', he said.

Football stamps dating to the first World Cup
Soccer tournament in 1930 are in
the thematic collection of Jose,

who turned to collection of football stamps
as a specialization in 1986,
during the time of the then World Cup.

Stamps illustrating the beautiful goals
netted by the legendary Pele, his 1000th goal
in an international football tournament on Nov 19,
1969 and Diego Maradona of Argentina are among
the 600 stamps in the book.

Besides, the book has write-ups,
including on the history of the origin of football
Association, FIFA, Errors on or football
stamps, stadiums and names of renowned
football players of the world.

Former Indian Football Captain and star striker
I M Vijayan had written the preface for
the book, published by Pen Books, Aluva.

This is all the info that I have found out about this
book if any one know how I to can order one of
these please let me know I would like to get
a copy for my self so of you know where I can
order one please let me know.

Have you heard Online philately,
is the new fad Earn stamps with soccer
players' statistics, pictures Software allows
fans to collect, trade stamps in 11 languages
Avail of stamps by playing video games,
predicting match winners

Berlin: Everything seems to have gone digital,
even trading stamps at the World Cup.

What was once a children's hobby of collecting
and pasting stamps in a book can now be done
electronically in a computer only this is free,
without the glue, and it's brought to you by
the same company best known for the pastime.

Coca-Cola's World Cup web site,
features a virtual Panini sticker album,
where registrants can earn stamps with players'
pictures, stats and biographical detail,
trade them, and watch their collection grow.
I have singed up to collect my.

"We have a good mixture of youth
experiencing Panini sticker albums
for the first or second time,
" said Coke's global marketing
spokesman Philipp Bodentza.

"I'm 38, and I remember my Panini collection.
It's fun to see all pictures from
the previous tournaments, as well."

The album is a collaboration of Coke,
an official World Cup sponsor;
Panini, the Italy-headquartered company that
has been producing soccer sticker albums
since 1961 and World Cup versions since 1970;
and White Plains, N.Y.-based Tokenzone, Inc.,
which developed the software to allow
fans to collect and trade stamps in 11 languages.

"One of the nice things, with 11 different languages,
is it interfaces with the different languages,
so you can trade with someone, say, in Japan,
" Tokenzone president Isaac Arias said.

After registering, visitors to the site earn
stamps by various methods.

They get three stamps every four hours,
provided they log in again; get stamps for
playing video games on the site,
both against the computer and against other players;
for watching TV commercials for Coke's
"Rivalidades" World Cup ad campaign;
downloading screen savers and wallpaper;
answering trivia questions; inviting others to join;
and predicting the winners of matches.

Some players' stickers are rarer than others,
and collectors get duplicates.

These can be exchanged in the trading room
with other collectors from around the world.

There are about 600 players in the virtual album,
but collectors need only accumulate
100 designated players to automatically
get the whole set.

One-to-five players per team are designated,
and once the handful of players per team
are collected, the remainder of the
entire team is downloaded.

Italy's Gianluigi Buffon and Alessandro Nesta,
and France's Zinedine Zidane and Fabien Barthez
are among the designated players.

There's bad news for fans of the U.S. team,
which is the only one of the 32 World Cup sides
not included; Panini's couldn't secure
the rights to American players.

Ok guy's that is my little in put on football or
Soccer stamps please sharre a photo scan
with me I would lie to use them for post.

all so dont for get the chance to win a Set of FDC
just answwer the question I have post
with my last post
A Church Window and A New Stamp Issue
you have till saturday at midnnight to answer
and get your answers in till saturday midnight.
so be sure to get your answer in early.

Happy Stamping.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Church Window and A New Stamp Issue

A Hillsborough church window link
to latest royal mail stamps
Iconic images of some of the UK's most
important historical personalities are
to grace the Royal Mail's latest series
of first-class stamps.

to be issued July 18, 2006

The images, depicting the likes of artist
Sir Joshua Reynolds, Winston Churchill,
Virginia Woolf and William Shakespeare,
mark the 150th birthday of the
National Portrait Gallery,
which hosts more than 9,000 portraits.

To launch the new stamps, Ulster postie
Liam Redman traveled to Hillsborough
to view the only church window in
Ireland based on a design by
Sir Joshua Reynolds.

Rev JF Dinnen,
Dean of Hillsborough Parish Church,
said the East Window is the only glass in
Ireland to feature such a design.

Royal Mail worked closely with the
National Portrait Gallery to select images
of 10 figures from different areas of UK life
embracing sculpture, watercolor,
oil painting and photography.

Further images in the first- class stamp
series are writer TS Elliott,
suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst,
Sir Walter Scott, Mary Seacole,
Dame Cicely Saunders and Charles Darwin.

Barbara Roulston of Royal Mail said:
"Our special stamps are often referred
to as miniature works of art.

The personalities featured all possess
the shared quality of having made
a significant contribution in their field."

I have got five FDC for Five lucky people
that can tell me
The title of one book (where possible)
or famous work if not a book,
by each of the ten people in
the National Portrait Gallery stamps.

email me your answers

I will take your answers till Midnight
Saturday July 15 then I will draw
five lucky winners from all entries

I will tell who the winners are
July the 18 the same day that
the stamps are released
and I my self will give you my
answers so be sure to look
for part 2 next week till then

Happy Stamping.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Odd Pane of Stamps

What wrong with this pane of stamps
Maybe a post mark or it might just
be one of the stamps does not
go with the topic of the pane?

Be the one to guess and get A FDC
email me your answer

still working on getting on my stamps
and getting the bed rest like that
Doctor has ordered but that has not
stopped me from working on my stamp
covers looking forward to getting
some new one.
Well till tomorrow guy's

Happy Stamping.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cathy is pushing stamps again!