Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sharjah & Dependencies Postal Stamps.

Hello all I have got time now
for stamping and want to start
With these stamps above.

I got a Mix pack of stamps
this week and they had these
stamps in there from
Sharjah & Dependencies
And I have to tell you after
I see the stamps from this
country I wanted to know more
and see even more of the stamps.

I wanted to show the above three
because all tho I could not find out
much about the stamps other then
they are from sets of stamps.

And what I find odd about these
stamps is that there are two pictures
on the stamps and I get the space
part of the stamp, but what is the
other picture for I sure there is
some type of meaning to the
other side of these space stamps.
Do you know?

I looked on Wikipedia
For Sharjah

I all so Google
Sharjah & Dependencies

I found out a lot to, if you follow
my search tips you just might
be the one to get a FDC.
If you can answer my question:
When did Sharjah open it's
first post office?


When did Sharjah Issue
it's first definitive Stamp?

Answer One get one cover!
answer both and get two covers.

Happy Stamping.


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